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Big tires,  Small tires, ATV/Utility Tires,  New tires just released  from favorite brands. When it comes to keeping you in motion, we’re on a roll. Our selection features names like Goodyear, Michelin, Cooper, Toyo, Hercules, Yokohama and much more. Whether you need a tire designed for wet performance or an A/T tire for off-road adventures, we have many tire sizes available to outfit your vehicle with the perfect match for your driving needs.

We offer highly competitive pricing from all manufacturers, and will work within your budget to find the best possible tires. We're a full service shop for anything tire related, and carry the latest equipment.


  • Remove Tire from rim
  • Inspect inside and outside of tire
  • Clean bead on rim for best seat possible
  • Repair liner and install patch(s) as per RMA
  • Re-Mount, Balance and set ALL tire pressures to manufacturer recommendations.


  • Tire Pressure

    Check tire pressure to ensure proper inflation. Under inflation can lead to excess heat, uneven tire wear, and decreased braking and handling capabilities, which may cause structural failures like blowouts and tread separation. Properly inflated tires will maximize tread life, improve handling, and increase fuel efficiency and overall driver safety.

  • Tire Rotation

    Follow proper tire rotation schedules. Recommended rotation patterns for your vehicle can be found in your owner’s manual. Routine tire rotations equalize and enhance front-to-rear and side-to-side tire wear. Remember: tire rotation will not prevent or circumvent wear issues caused by worn mechanical components.

  • Tire Balancing

    Balance tires as necessary. Out-of-balance tires may be detected in bumps that become more noticeable at higher speeds. Balancing tires is necessary during initial installation and during a remount.

  • Tire Purchasing

    Install new tires in sets or pairs. The addition of one new tire to the rotation cycle can cause instability and create vehicle handling issues. When new tires are needed, two new tires should be installed on the rear of a vehicle, and the partially worn tires should be moved to the front of the vehicle.

  • Tire Storage

    When the time comes to store your tires for next season, consider a dark place away from direct sunlight with low humidity. Tires should be stored away from solvents, grease, oil, or any ozone-producing electrical equipment, which have deteriorating effects on tires.

  • Tire Safety

    Be mindful of abnormal tire wear or damage to your tires. Watch for signs of punctures, embedded objects, cracks, and bulges.

    Always keep a spare tire, and make sure it’s properly inflated and ready for use. You never know when you’re going to need it.


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